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Drug License Registration

The Best part about the pharmacy business that is not affected by the business cycles. Owning a Pharmacy business can be profitable enterprise for someone who wants to provide a valuable service to the society.With the increasing availability of corporate hospitals has brought about enormous growth to pharmacy business in India. Further, pharmacy business is growing fantasticallyin India for which drug license is mandatory.

Drugs are essential for the life of the human.  Drugs are different from other commodities and due to this the Drugs Control Department has laid down stringent law for taking drug license in pharmacy business. Drug license is location specific. Drugs license ensures that drugs marketed by the business are safe and effective. In this Drugs Control Department controls the drugs on manufacture, sale, distribution and upto the time it is passed on to a consumer by a Pharmacist. Pharmacies have a big importance and even a little mistake can prove to be fatal on the life of the human.


Documents Required For Drug License Registration

  • Photo ID and address proof of proprietor/partner/director
  • Property paper or Rent agreement of the premises, and a No objection the owner of the premises.
  • Constitution of the firm (MOA/AOA)
  • Site Plan and key plan of the premises
  • Qualification documents of Registered Pharmacist/Competent person employed.
  • Refrigerator and Air Conditioner invoice and details
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